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colinColin Sheeran

Hi, my name is Colin Sheeran. I’m the business owner of a small accountancy practice. Over the last ten years I have faced the challenges of being self-employed. Thankfully the nature of my work is such that I get to see under the bonnet of successful businesses every day. Through working with successful clients I identified business practices that could be applied to all industries including my own. My approach has always been hands on; if it helped me, I shared it with my clients. I’ve studied business theory, I qualified as a chartered accountant in 2004 and I’ve literally read hundreds of business development books. What my clients needed were hands on business practices to get better results. Over the years I have developed these strategies. As a result of our successes our business approach has evolved from doing pure accountancy and tax work to what it is today

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What We Offer

  • Full spectrum of accountancy services
  • Full spectrum of tax services
  • Our business clinic – helping you hit your business targets

What We Do

VAT Returns
Yearly Accounts
Cash Management
Broad Business Planning